How to get user testing jobs by giving user testing reviews

usertesting reviews is most common popular thing in these days. Having an optimal interface is vital for corporations. If the site is not simple, they will lose visitors. Losing visitors means earning a good income, and nobody wants it. This is why corporations are conducting website tester to check their websites to see if there are gaps or omissions that could impact the public perception of their site.

today we are giving you popular 9 websites that gives website testing jobs and good website tester salary,


You can apply here and be a website tester. Once you register and fill out your basic demographic data, you will start receiving test emails. Testing takes anywhere from five to thirty minutes wherever you record your feedback. Users must be 18 to work as a tester here.

they pay website tester salary via PayPal. Users can earn between $ 5 and $ 10 per test. in addition to that testers can provide usertesting reviews and can get an average fee of $ 25 for tests. but they have to share their screen with a moderator and perform a thirty-minute live session.


Apply here to become a website tester. When applying, a user tester is required to download a recording software system. This software records your screen actions and your voice record. However, that is what you tell them about the problems you see throughout the test. Once that is done, users should do a sample test, such as an audit, to apply for user testing reviews. when your sample test is approved, you will start the work immediately.

Payment details

website tester salary is paid via PayPal. Depending on the length of the test, each test costs between $ 3- $ 10. Most tests take about ten to twenty minutes to complete. User testing is open to all local and international individuals.


To be a website tester, the user must be at least eighteen years old. When you register yourself, you must complete a data form here. You will need to do a qualification test when it is completed. Before you start the test, download the Screen Recording app. The download link will be provided. The company can come to you within 24 hours to determine if your application has been approved or not.


TryMyUI pays for website testing via PayPal. The average fee to complete one test is $ 10. Users from all countries who can apply for this site to become an examiner.

Enroll App

Enroll App is a very simple website testing platform that you can use on any device. this is suitable for people who looking for website testing jobs. Click here to register yourself. When it’s over, you’ll answer some questions and take you to the dashboard wherever you conduct sample tests. The App can notify you by email or text if any tests come up. Enroll App allow its testers to check websites without recording sessions, such as alternative companies. Inspectors want to check the site and answer the questions the client asks. Here is a close guide to Enroll App that you can simply follow.

The Enroll App pays its tester via tester salary will be $ 0.10- $ 1.5 for each test. one test takes 3 to 6 minutes to complete

Become a website tester in three simple steps. First, Users need to Sign Up Here. Then you need to download their screen recording software package and finally submit a sample review that tests your audio and video. Once your sample review has been approved, you will immediately begin working on paid tests. You will receive your test email. We hire user testers from all over the world who have PayPal accounts.

Payment pays its users via PayPal. Twenty minutes of general testing. User Test pays its testers a fixed fee of $ 10, and you get paid within two days of the test.

UTest is a great platform for free software testing. To become an inspector, sign up here. The importance of this platform is that if you speak a language other than English. this gives you the advantage of being eligible to apply for many opportunities and website testing jobs around the world. You need to be 18+ to be an inspector. You can fill out a survey and test websites to provide feedback.

UTest pays its testers via PayPal and Payoneer debit cards. Inspectors earn $ 10 to $ 50 depending on the range of tasks and its quality.


User Field is another great platform for website testing. The good thing about this platform is that it supports more than 40 multilingual languages. This means that you are testing websites and applications in your own languages. It all depends on the language you put in your profile. To become an inspector, sign up for an account and do a sample check. Once approved, you will start receiving tests via email.

Although PayPal and Payoneer, UserFill pays its testers. Inspectors earn $ 10 for every test they complete.


You can Become a tester on Userlytics by applying HERE. Userlytics allows its users to browse the Web in various regions such as Southeast Asia, SA, China, Japan, Europe and North America. When you receive a request to try a test, you can download their recording software. Testing tasks usually take 20-40 minutes. The Very interesting thing about this platform is that it does not require primary test users to be an examiner.

Userlytics pays its users via PayPal. They typically pay inspectors between $ 10 and $ 20, Depending on the quality and complexity of the test,.


WhatUsersDo is another website testing jobs platform. You become a tester in three simple steps. First, you have to register here, download their screen recording app and do a training test. When they approve your application, you will receive an invitation to get a test via email anytime. Users typically get about 3-5 tests a month.

WhatUsersDo pays its testers via PayPal. Users are paid between $ 5 and $ 12 for a test to be taken. Payment is released on the 25th of each month.

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