How to making money online from home by Answering Questions

People always trying to earn some extra money by varies types of .they are interested in making money online from home. Here we are introducing 8 websites which can earn money by answering questions. check out this money-making websites


JustAnswer is the most popular website for experts to make a value. They need an intuitive chatting system that allows you to communicate with customers directly — making money online from home To become a professional on this web site. So you have to be specialized in the field you’re applying for. There are a variety of fields to decide on from such as Finance, Computers, Law, Animals etc.

Once you have chosen your field of experience, you’ll need to submit your personal info together with your credentials like your scanned copy of certificate or degree, certifications etc. once your application is completed, you’ll expect a response in 5-10 days.

Payment Details

They pay their users through PayPal and Amazon Gift Card. They allow many ways to make money at home from $20 to $50 per question or more can get per question.


Maven is one of the ways to make money at home. It is a famous micro-consulting company where they rent consultants from any country. They need to advise users on their everyday decision making. From business creating choices, conducting researches, filling out surveys or giving insights, maven acts as a worldwide information market place.

To become a micro-consultant, you need to register yourself and fill out a form. Having done that choose an hourly consulting rate that you think is suitable and begin building your profile.

Payment Details

Maven pays its users through Check. Maven consultants choose their own hourly rate depending on their experience. To get more, check out their FAQ page.


PrestoExperts is best known for making money online from home for having around the clock support for a wide selection of questions in any given field. To become a professional, you can select from over 600 categories that suit your actual service description.

To join PrestoExperts, you have to submit a form comprising of your personal info also as your experience within the field you would like to apply for. The most effective part is that you can register for multiple categories in here, on condition that you specialize in them. Once a position becomes accessible, you’ll get an invitation via email.

Payment Details

PrestoExperts pays its specialists through PayPal and check. Being knowledgeable, you can manage your unique fee per session. You need to set up your rate per minute or seconds for any session. Any platform you are using to interact with your phone or chat session, your service fee starts from the time you accept the call from ends. Specialists normally charge a nominal fee of $2/minute and go from there. To more details about PrestoExperts consider their FAQ page.


Experts123 is another question and answer app. Its provides different procedure than other regular websites. The experts are making money online from home by either answering questions and by writing useful articles. Additional ways to make money by attracting more visitors to your answers or articles… additionally if you got a good following on your articles, the corporate would invite you to write extra paid articles for other clients.

First, you need to register yourself and fill in your profile. After that, fill out your experience in form. You can write articles about technology, health and beauty or any kind of topics.

Payment Details

Experts123 pays its users through PayPal only. There’s no certain amount of money get for answer questions and writing articles. It depends on the revenue share of the earned money through ads on your articles. However, freelance writers will be making money online from home up to $10-$20 for any company paid articles.


6ya is a web site that helps people with any kind of question/answers. Primarily you can make money online from home by assist people over the phone. An average call is just 4 to 5 minutes long. You need to set your own schedule to work as your own comfort.

You can make calls directly from your mobile phone. Once you setup your profile and set calling hours, you’ll be able to begin working as a skilled. There are over 600 categories which you can join to give support services. 6ya now offers services only in the U.S.

Payment Details

For service calls less than one minute, you cannot get paid any fees. For calls longer than one minute, you’ll be automatically paid $3. 6ya pays through DirectDeposit to your bank.


Wonder is one of the ways to make money at home by a research-based question and answer web site. Users can join their community as research analysts. And begin earning by responding questions from the website’s research dashboard. Users ask questions and the researchers need to research those questions and give acceptable answers. Researchers don’t get paid unless the client is satisfied with your given answer.

To apply wonder as a research analyst, you first need to fill out a form. After that, you need to select where you want to work. As a researcher or a writer part. To become a researcher, users need to go through a three-step application process that tests your English and significant reasoning skills. When you pass that, the company will inform you via email.

Payment Details

They pay its researchers through PayPal. A source earns $8-$20 per hour while a writer earns $15-$18 per hour. is a completely different web site of a similar nature that pays in Bitcoin. The concept of is to rent experts in several fields, and they pay them to reply to emails and finishing tasks.

To join, you should complete your profile and apply lists based on your skills and experience. Once you’re done, you’ll begin receiving messages from researchers, recruiters and companies regarding your area of experience. Once you answer them, you earn cash. It’s that easy. You’ll be able to also complete short tasks to earn even additional money.

Payment Details pays in Bitcoin. Therefore if you wish to explore the cryptocurrency world, this could be the most effective chance for you. There’s nothing to lose, right?

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