Quick ways to earn money fast from home with 7 apps

people always find quick ways to make extra money. it is Reason being that you just simply need to make money online without going on your desktop laptop anymore. we already published a guide regarding 7 mobile apps that allow you to earn money from home by your phone. currently, a lot of apps have surfaced that offer a lot of creative ways to earn online. therefore here’s a comprehensive guide on these legitimate 7 apps.


Cash for Apps is an app that enables its users to earn money fast by downloading alternative apps and running them. however it works is that there’s a list of accessible apps to download and every app has unique points that are paid for downloading them. you’ll earn about $.10- $.50 per app. Whats smart regarding this app is that its an easy way to make extra money without having to do anything.

How will Cash-for-Apps Pay

This app pays you in points for downloading its apps. Most apps within the list pay from 10-70 points, this could be earned for either running the app or doing a little task on the downloaded app. These points can redeem as gift cards or mobile recharge.

FeaturePoints App

FeaturePoints app enables you to earn money from home or redeem gift cards by downloading varies apps. It works the same method as Cash-for-Apps does; however, if you intend to earn money fast by downloading such apps, this is one of the most effective applications for it.

Once you download the app on your Android/iOS device, head to the store page that shows you an inventory of apps to download. Here you can earn points by downloading apps from the list. you have to use this app for about two minutes to earn your points.earn money from home easily with this

FeaturePoints PayHow 

This app pays you though points. You should redeem these points as money through PayPal, though gift cards. In addition to that, you can reward like Amazon gift card, iTunes, Starbucks. The downloadable apps pay you from 50-100 points per download. The user has to collect 600 points to redeem any reward. 600 points equal to $1. 

 Surveys On The Go

If you looking for quick ways to make money. Survey On The Go app is like its name describes it. this app pays you in real money for taking surveys. Here you get paid to take surveys many topics like entertainment, technology, food, etc. The app works on android and iOS devices however it’s just for the users in the US.

So once you download the app and register for it, you have to do demographic surveys for $.50. These surveys will facilitate the app to get a lot of surveys for you within the future. There’s also a variety of topics you’ll be able to select from the list. you can even activate your location to select additional targeted surveys. ensure you keep opening the app to see if surveys are available or not.

How will Survey-On-The-Go Pay

This app pays its users through PayPal. The surveys you take can pay anywhere from $0.25 – $5 every, that is more than any other app can pay you. The minimum payout for this app is $10. 


CoSign is another good app that lets you earn money from home by uploading photos on social media. It works by taking photos of the product you prefer or have and uploading them on social media platforms. like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest with the description regarding the product along with its value. These products can be of any sort, from clothing to tech product to household things, primarily just about anything. this is one of the quick ways to make money

After uploading the images of those products, you have to tag these products from over 1200 retailers on the CoSign app. this can be done by searching for your product by brand or retailer and drag/drop the correct name on the image description. therefore once any of your followers purchase the product displayed, you’ll earn a commission of 35th of the product worth.

How will CoSign Pay

The company pays you through PayPal, Check or gift card. As mentioned before, you earn 35th commission for each product that sells. And you earn points each time anyone views the product or buys it, these points will then be listed for money. The minimum cash out is $40. how to make extra money with Cosign. If you share more products you can earn additional money fast


Fronto is an Andriod lock screen app that can earn money from home. It pays you to unlock your phone screen and watch a commercial. Once you download the app, it starts showing you many targeted ads on your lock screen. each time you unlock your phone screen, with the ad and you instantly get paid. however it works is that after you download the app, you fill out your profile along with your interests. There is nothing to do .you can earn money fast by this app. The app will then show you ads related to your interests. and every time you unlock your phone, you earn points which will be changed for money.

How will Fronto Pay

Fronto pays its users through PayPal or Amazon Gift card. for each encounter with a commercial, you earn points. Once you gather enough points, you’ll exchange them for money or gift cards. 


This app gives you to earn points by checking different stores, watch videos and varies stuff. You can save these points to redeem gift cards. to begin getting points you need to download the app and register here. then can gather points by getting to the “check-in” page that displays different stores. you’re paid to check in at, or watch videos or get paid to register on different websites.

How will CheckPoints Pay

This app pays through gift cards from stores like Target, Amazon, Walmart. 350 points equal 1$ gift card. you’ll be able to create 50-100 points watching videos for 3 minutes and 15-25 points for checking in.


Phewtick app pays you to meet people! You can earn money fast by taking part in games and redeeming points. however it works is you created your account on Facebook. therefore once you log in, the app reads your locations and shows you a list of people and their profiles to interact with. The app provides you with a QR code that is to be scanned by the partner to prove they need to be met. Then you play a game together for points.

How will Phewtick Pay

This app pays you though PayPal or Direct deposit. wherever 10 points equal $ .01.

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