Real ways to make money from home in Remotasks Platform

This is a platform that users can get paid for completing easy tasks. These tasks include tagging some pictures, audio transcription, text editing, information collect information etc. Its a platform like a new micro-tasking platform which created in 2017 for real ways to make money from home. This micro job platform allows clients to post tasks or jobs and the job seekers can work on those tasks to earn extra money. As an employee, you can unlock a lot of employment by completing small tests/exams. The additional exams you complete the more tasking opportunities will be open to you.more tasks like more ways to earn extra money.

Here are the steps for how to earn extra money. Let me show real ways to make money from home?

1# Remotasks provides a lot of variety of tasks. They range from simple tasks to small complex tasks like audio transcription. Here are the steps. To first, you have to register on remotasks website through your Facebook account because remotasks required users to sign up with their own facebook accounts for tasks. Click here for sign up

2# you can see your dashboard, after logging in. There you can see gardening work and earnings stats. To begin, you need to go through a tutorial which has practice tasks for you. After completing that practised task, you can start working. Just click on Get Started to start test practice.


The tutorial consists of two tasks that users must perform. They provide advice on how to complete these two tasks. Users have ample time to complete tasks. they can get as much time they need to complete these tasks. If you make a mistake in this practice, you should try again until the work is completed. Only then will you be eligible to begin applying for real work. ways to earn extra money

3# After complete practise tasks, you can apply for real tasks on your dashboard. you will find a lot of tasks that you can apply on remotask dashboard. You have to complete an exam to work on your selected task. After pass that you will be able to work on the selected task. now on you will know how to earn extra money on remotasks


 This platform pays its users through PayPal. They Pay for each task depending on the complexity of the task. Their payment rate will range from $1-$2 per one hour. The payments are made weekly and minimum payout is $5. 

Make sure to remember this thing to earn extra money

  • you have to be fluent in English to work on Remotasks.
  • Time is very important. You must complete those tasks on time. unless you complete those tasks on time remotask will ban you from the platform.
  • To get this job correcly, Your accuracy needs to be high. If you cannot complete tasks with precision, it is not good for your existence on the platform.
  • your score will increase when your tasks are more accurate. However, when you take too long to complete those tasks or you complete your task incorrectly, your score will decrease.

This is one of the real ways to make money from home. this is a good platform to make extra money. But you should work here patience. The payout rate is not very high. But their pay for one task is .successful. The site is legitimate and you can learn how to earn extra money for these tasks. If you are active here, users can earn on average $ 20 to $ 40 a week. Remotask is legitimate ways to earn extra money. 

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