What are the Benefits and Uses Of Castor Oil

Castor oil is a herbal medicine that provides many benefits. With the Western world recognizing its uses and value, Castor oil has become indispensable in western medicine and its uses for medicine manufacturers, and beauty products.in addition to that Cosmetics and medications for digestive problems are widely used.

One of benefit is Heal constipation

Healing Constipation Naturally, the ability of the digestive system to remove clog. castor oil is well known. Castor oil gives benefits to the best remedies to cure if you have problems with your food or have a problem with stools. most Western medicine is injecting a wax solution into the stools and making it easy to slip for constipation

 But castor oil naturally stimulates the muscles of your rectum and intestines and helps to excrete stools. If you have constipation or the stools has not been left for several days, you can easily heal with castor oil. Drink two or three teaspoons of castor oil, depending on your body size, and will be able to drain the stool in two hours.

Making menstruation quick and easy

 Menstrual pain is something that women will definitely experience for 30 to 35 years. For many women, menstrual cramps are not so difficult. but for some women, the menstrual cycle can change for several days. Many women know that after a long menstrual cycle, there will be more painful menstruation and severe bleeding. This is because when the ovum is stuck in the uterine wall for a long time, a large part of it is torn off. but castor oil benefit is, it has the ability to stimulate the inner muscles, which can make menstruation quicker and easier.

If your menstrual date has passed, drink two tablespoons of castor oil in the morning, Menstruation often on the same day or the next day. And you will find that menstruation is much less painful

To cure arthritis pain

When we talk about the benefits of castor oil, the one major way is relieving joint pain, including arthritis. This is because castor oil has powerful analgesic properties and reduces swelling. Applying superficial castor oil on joints, including arthritis, can provide great relief. For best results, first, thoroughly clean the area of ​​joint pain. Then use a towel soaked with hot water to keep the area warm. Then remove the damp, coat the castor oil on it and massage it well. The pain, as well as the swelling in the relevant areas, will soon pass away

castor oil good for Healing the bruise and lumps

 One is that when walking without shoes or light shoes, something like a pebble can cause bruising. In addition, wearing shoes that do not fit into the foot for a long time can cause bruising.

If you do not heal quickly, your foot will become permanently disabled and you will have lifelong walking difficulties.

 Castor oil is one of the best ways to cure bruising. Clean the bruising spot and apply massage with castor oil daily. benefits of castor oil are well known.

it is easily absorbed into the skin and is quickened by the healing of damaged muscles. If your foot already has stones and lumps, try to heal them before they become a problem.

Healing of Aces and bleeding

Aces are small swellings that develop in the rectum. In the early days, it is located inside the rectum, causing stool pain. However, if it does not heal quickly, bleeding with stools, after that the nuts begin to come out of the rectum. A disease that can cause severe pain if it goes too far. If you have elderly people in your family who have this disease, you need to be careful. To remedy this situation. you can apply a few drops of castor oil should directly to the rectum after cleaning. After doing it for about a week, You can heal the nuts, just like the ache. when we concern about the benefits of castor oil this is grate advantage.

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